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As a top rated Bus Service providers in Singapore for your need of Chartered / Private bus services, we hereby present affordable & ready to pick options.

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10~14 seats: $60+/trip 20-23 seats: $85+/trip 40 seats: $95+/trip 45 seats: $95-$110+/trip

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Affordable Private Bus Services in Singapore

With over 20 years of experience, Koh Bus Transport Service is known for providing excellent bus rentals in Singapore at reasonable rates. Ask our satisfied customers - they will gladly vouch for our quality, camaraderie, and top-notch service any day. What sets us apart is how swiftly and safely we get you from Point A to Point B. You can look forward to effortless bus booking assistance, along with expert customer satisfaction when you choose our chartered buses in Singapore, renowned for being one of the best choices. Customers island-wide can also expect various options for booking buses, such as charter bus rentals, bus services for corporate events, employee transport, and privately-hired deals. A noteworthy service of ours is the private Bus Servicestrong, which provides point-to-point shuttle assistance (bus pool), pooling, and many other services. Do visit us online or give us a call to schedule your next bus rental - you shall not be displeased. Our team at Koh Bus Transport Service has made it a point to provide the best transportation booking in Singapore, since 1975!

Bus Charters in Singapore

For chartered bus booking options in Singapore, look no further than Koh Bus Transport Service. We serve our customers with high-quality chartered buses, drivers, and utilities each and every day, thanks to our knowledge and experience. You can choose from any of various ad hoc chartered options, which include shuttling options (bus pool), corporate events or delegation rentals, employee transportation assistance, hires for events, etc. You or your group need not worry about moving about from one place to the other, as our shuttling services will take care of everything. Be it moving from a hotel to a business meeting, the airport or any other location in Singapore - we have you covered all the way. We are also a suitable choice for corporate events, wherein your business group is provided with transportation between locations, events or local trips. For employees who need to be transported to a business meeting or to the office, we also provide Employee Chartered Pooling.

Private Buses in Singapore

We are famed for our private bus booking service in Singapore, as we put in immense care into each trip. If you are planning for an event, or happen to have a client who&s arranging one, you can get in touch with us to schedule a bus rental. Our vehicles will arrive at the chosen time and date, at the departure destination of your choice. Upon arriving, we facilitate the loading and boarding of the shuttle and proceed to securely transport the entire group to their destination. You can put all worries to rest, as our drivers and coordination crew will have you and your belongings covered during such trips. We actively coordinate with you to make speedy trips and also provide additional round trip assistance, if required. When it comes to shuttles, our private bus service is the best choice, for small groups or big businesses in need of travel accommodations. Kindly visit our website or give us a call to commence booking your charter transportation today.
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